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Talking Photography: Jeremy Long

Jeremy Long of Jemanci Portrait is a portrait photographer who specializes in "magazine-style portraiture". I'm a long-time admirer of his fine-art studio work - an area of photography that I myself am really interested in - and I am very excited that he agreed to talk photography with us, so thank you Jeremy for making the time!

All photos in this post are by Jeremy.

How did you become interested in photography?

Jeremy: America’s Next Top Model. I was obsessed with it for awhile. Every image was WOW-worthy. That was what inspired me to offer magazine-styled portraiture to the everyday folks.

What is it about studio portraiture that you love?

Jeremy: I enjoy being in control of things. A studio gives me control over lighting, my setup, and the style I would like to create, and I can keep changing it. So the only thing left for me to focus on is getting the right poses and expressions.

How did you develop your own personal style of portraiture?

Jeremy: I love natural lighting. It gives off a natural glow and it flatters everyone. The best part is that it is free. However, the quality of light varies from day to day. So these days I add in constant light to highlight and enhance my subject's facial features.

What is the most important lesson you've learned in your photography journey?

Jeremy: Keep trying new things. New lighting styles, new poses, new setups. I have to keep improving to stay relevant.

I notice that you're into fashion design too - how has this impacted how you photograph clients and think about photography?

Jeremy: Fashion design helps me understand different cuttings that will flatter different body shapes. So the choice of clothes will bring my portrait to the next level. It doesn’t have to be gowns or expensive couture stuff, what is more important is how I match them to my client’s taste, the choice of backdrop, how I pair them with accessories - sometimes, I will even build on a existing gown or add a shoulder piece to make the outfits look more interesting on camera.

Makeup and styling is just as important too. Photography is just one aspect of it. It is the whole package that makes a photoshoot experience impactful.

Let's geek out about gear for a bit. What camera system do you use?

Jeremy: I’m a Canon user.

What are 3 pieces of photography gear you just can't live without?

Jeremy: My 50mm Canon L Lens, trusty Canon 5DM3 and the Aputure Lantern.

Finally, what's your one most important piece of advice for fledgling photographers?

Jeremy: Savings. Make sure you have enough savings. Starting is never easy but you will get there.

Self-portrait of Jeremy

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights with us Jeremy!


Please consider sharing your photos with the community by tagging #dharmaportraits on your Instagram photos - I'd love to see how you're using these tips to create beautiful photos.

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