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Simple introductions to various aspects of photography, tips and tricks that I wish I'd known when I started out, interviews with other photographers, and more.

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Talking Photography: Jeremy Long

Jeremy Long of Jemanci Portrait is a portrait photographer who specializes in "magazine-style portraiture". I'm a long-time admirer of...

Photographing animals

Animals are wonderful subjects to photograph. They're never self-conscious, they're just themselves. Here are some tips on photographing...


I touched on the quality of light a bit in my earlier post "Let's take portraits - 7 tips for improving your portraiture" but in this...

Shooting water droplets at home

I ended my previous post with a tutorial video from Adorama on photographing water droplets at home. This past weekend I had some free...

Photography at home

These are strange times. COVID-19 has radically changed daily life around the world. Masks have become normal, handshakes have become...

Beyond taking the photo

When we look at "finished" photos, they're really a product of a 3 things (excluding the subjects): taking the shot - i.e. manipulating...

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