Business Portraits

From starting your first company to refreshing your CV, a strong business portrait makes a good impression and opens doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Business portrait shoots start at S$590. I offer special rates for start-ups and small businesses. Contact me now to find out more.


Personal Portraits

Personal portraits are a great way of celebrating your passions and achievements, or reaching inwards to reveal something personal about yourself. They make wonderful private keepsakes or gifts to your special someone.

Personal portraits start at S$490.


Commercial Shoots

Commercial Shoots

If you need some fresh product photos for your commercial website, brochures, or social media, drop us a note. Whether you need a studio shoot or prefer doing it on-site, we’re here to help.

Commercial shoots start at S$1990.


Private Workshops

Whether you're struggling to figure out how to operate your first camera, or want to start experimenting with flashes and studio lights, we can hold a private workshop for you. Our workshops cover both theory and hands-on practice, and range from beginner to intermediate levels. You'll be capturing unforgettable memories with beautiful photos in no time.

Private Workshops start at S$390 with a maximum of 4 people.