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Talking Photography: Adam Stamenkovic

Adam Stamenkovic is a lifestyle & wedding photographer from New York, who lived in Singapore for a number of years and is currently based in New Zealand. I had the chance to pick his brains on photography so read on for his invaluable insights!

All photos in this post are by Adam.

What got you interested in photography?

Adam: Behind-the-scenes photos of movies in production. The ones that give you a glimpse of how the magic actually happens.

What's your favorite thing to shoot?

Adam: Succulents, although I really couldn’t tell you why.

What's the most memorable shoot you've ever done and why?

Adam: I wore a camera around my neck during my wedding, just so I could take photos of my wife as she walked down the aisle to me.

What're 3 principles everyone should observe when it comes to buying/choosing gear?

Adam: (1) Spend money on lenses instead of camera bodies. Lenses retain value, while the opposite tends to be true for bodies. (2) If you can, rent or borrow gear before making a purchase. It may seem like a waste up front, but it’ll save you money in the long run. (3) Most people ignore principle #2, so take advantage of their folly and buy used whenever possible. A majority of reasonably priced, used camera gear is in near-mint condition.

How do you feel about smartphones being used in photography? Or even "Facetime photoshoots" that started happening during COVID-19 lockdown?

Adam: I forget my camera sometimes and pull out my iPhone without hesitation. That said, if you’re a professional photographer working for anyone but Apple, you should be using the best tool for the job. Covid has created abnormal situations in the industry, and it’s interesting to see how photographers are adapting. Ultimately, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the shot.

What's the biggest rule you live by when it comes to photography?

Adam: Try to enjoy the whole process. I recently decided to challenge myself to be more present in my photo-taking, and to only shoot after I’ve attempted to understand the scene I’m about to photograph. So I guess you could say my biggest rule right now is “look more, shoot less”.

First published on The Wedding Scoop - click here for more information about the styled shoot

Is it true that gear matters in photography?

Adam: I wouldn’t shoot a wild lion close up with a wide angle lens. That’s just dangerous. Having the right gear for the job is vital, but to be honest the best gear can give you terrible photos if you aren’t also putting effort into every other aspect of the image-making process.

What's some parting wisdom you'd give to someone interested in and starting out on photography?

Adam: Shoot as much as you can with whatever you have on hand. Don’t get caught up chasing the newest toy on the market - just have fun.

Thanks Adam for sharing your thoughts and insight with us!


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